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Feedback from Guerilla Masterclass 2019, Spring, London

‘I have made ten feature-length films which have sold all over the world and competed at the highest levels yet…Chris’s seminar managed to refocus my career and was the most intense motivational filmmaking adrenaline shot I’ve ever experienced. Chris Jones is simply a movie Jedi master’
Ray Brady, Producer and Director

‘Fucking Inspiring’
Eric Storey – Director

‘A breathtaking 2 days.’
Kiko Haku – Director

‘Thanks so much for a truly inspiring weekend and you can see I’m already at contract stage with a co-producer as a result’
Fenella Greenfield, Filmmaker

‘Making the seemingly impossible ABSOLUTELY POSSIBLE!’
Darren Stokes – Director/Writer/Editor

‘This course has tons of information, it’s lively, inspiring and with great stories – nothing is taboo. Chris has superb energy and total willingness to share his knowledge with us all. It sets us on a journey where we are armed and dangerous!’
Paul Hurstfield – Actor, Writer & Producer

‘Huge amount of information and a captive room of networking opportunities from the industry. I picked up a writing job for a short film shooting next week from the fourth person I spoke to! I would recommend the course to anyone that wants to learn how the film industry works and how to plan to make their own films.’
Mark North – Writer

‘Very informative and in a very vibrant, engaging way – exciting! For anyone wanting to know about making a film, this is the course.’
Alison Barclay – Writer

‘This touched the right nerves. Authentic. Realistic. Down to earth. Infectious. Chris is humble and sincere and close and personal.’
Oguzhan Orhan – Writer

‘Chris is knowledgeable, inspiring, warm, and generous. There was way more given here than any film course I have attended – taught with humility.’
Mark Fitzgerald

‘Chris is fucking great! Love his enthusiasm, fantastic experience and knowledge – an incredibly generous person. If you’re at a crossroads or hurdle at any stage as a filmmaker (no matter what you do), this masterclass has been invaluable at revitalizing motivation and opening my mind to possibilities.’
Jasmin Greenland – Producer

‘I would recommend that all scriptwriters attend this course.’
Paul Middleton, Writer

‘What an action-packed event!’
Mary Collins, Film Manager

‘Chris is energetic, awe-inspiring, amazing, fantastic, charismatic, brilliant! As always he has enthused me to be the best person I can be – when’s the next one? I need more of this in my life.’
Jo Raggett – Screenwriter

‘Packed full of incredible and insightful information – a filmmaker’s essential toolkit. Chris is a powerhouse of enthusiasm.’
Jennifer Farfort – Writer/Director

‘Chris is the most inspiring person I’ve met in the film industry. Whatever stage of your filmmaking career you are in, go for it! Ignite and jump to the next stage.’
Enni Red – Writer/Producer

‘I’ve attended many LSF events. But this GF class is the least likely to just be ‘that thing you did’. This is the one that pushes me onwards.’
Vera Mark – Writer/Director

‘Infectious and inspiring.’
Emma Teare – Writer/Director

‘This course is empowering and totally motivating. After this class, I’ll be changing the titles of two films and am going to tighten the edit of three re-released features going out over the summer.’
Ray Brady – Filmmaker

‘What I loved about this class was Chris’s enthusiasm and motivation. Fucking Awesome! Great course, great teacher – would definitely recommend for ambitious new filmmakers.’
Eddie Sebastian – Writer

‘The Guerilla Filmmakers Masterclass is the two days that every film school should open with but never do.’
Giovanni Todeschini – Editor/Drone Pilot/Director

‘Chris is a nutcase in the best way. Inspirational and honest. If anyone is feeling as though their uncreative life is holding them back from being their true self – do this course!’
Jessica Bignell – Total Newbie

‘I loved all of this course, got a real psychological boost and really relevant information.’
Sultana Mirza – Writer

‘I can do it! I know what I am going into without being naïve. Chris is an amazing, inspirational filmmaker. If you want to learn the honest reality of independent film, come to this masterclass.’
Vanda Lapeira – Director/Producer/Editor

‘Chris feels genuine, open, honest, and seems like someone I would love to have a pint with.’
Adam Taylor – Writer/Director

‘Chris is the embodiment of energy, resilience, and authenticity.’
Iris May – Writer

‘Chris’ passion is infectious and he will make you feel like you can do it! By going on the Guerilla Filmmakers Masterclass, you get an instant tribe of massive fans who will help get your films made and seen!’
Guy Mannerings – Director

‘The course has put me in the mindset of actually making films now, with what I have to hand. Chris is not scared of being frank, vulnerable, and relentlessly enthusiastic.’
Stuart Page – Writer/Director

‘What’s great about this course is being surrounded by people going through the same stuff – including Chris!’
Deborah Espect – Writer/Director

‘Great and useful answers to most of my burning questions. Chris is dynamic, genuine and extremely helpful.’
Joe Solomon – Director/Producer/Writer

‘Just wanted to let you know how invaluable the weekend was. So much to learn, I was a little nervous before, the usual imposter syndrome, feeling like people might not think I have enough experience or a right to be there but I have come away from it realizing I know more than I thought I did. It has been a great learning experience and huge boost to my confidence to both believe in myself and stop finding excuses not to try something. I was truly overwhelmed by how welcoming the crowd was and willing to offer advice and share knowledge’
Claire Lewis, Filmmaker

A man performing on a stage in front of a crowd at a GuerillaFilm event.

Guerilla Film Makers Masterclass Feedback

London 2015 Delegate Feedback

‘I have learned to embrace the fear and do it anyway!’
Derek Parsons – Producer

‘Inspiring, life-changing! A great spiritual kick up the arse. Fantastic!’
Robert Gwyn Davin – Filmmaker, Actor, Director

‘This was the most honest filmmaking course I have ever been to!’Lee Thorneycroft – Director, Writer

‘This weekend I have gained the confidence and belief to JUST DO IT! Quite possibly the best money I have ever spent’
Karen Newman – Filmmaker

‘It’s made me realize I have to answer the call to adventure. I’ve been too long resisting’
Jenny Page – Screenwriter

‘Might be the most definitive moment in my life!’
Michael Jennings – Filmmaker, Director

‘The connections I made were priceless!’Michael Esteves – Writer, Producer

‘I initially thought it would be interesting as I have studied your books. However I NEVER THOUGHT IT WOULD BE SO INCREDIBLY AWESOME as it was! It was truly a special weekend that I shall never forget. It has rejuvenated my passion and I feel I am in a good place again because of you. I will never forget that. Truly’
Marc Blaidd, Filmmaker

‘Thanks again for a kick-ass event packed with great strategies and tactics!’
Bybreen Samuels

‘What a seismic weekend…’
Robert Gwynn Davies, Actor and Filmmaker

‘I’m at Heathrow about to return to South Africa. Thanks for the most fabulous workshop, I loved the emphasis on removing the mental blocks. I found it helpful for every aspect of my life, never mind just film making!’
Liesl, Filmmaker

‘Thank YOU. Best masterclass EVER.’
May D Gavini

‘Thank you, thank you, thank you. It was an OUTSTANDING two days. Unforgettable. I’m sure any resurgence in the ailing British film industry will be largely down to you and your delightful team for giving us all the kick-up the ass we need. Feel so privileged to have attended. Pandora’s box has opened! (In a good way!)’
Charlotte Essex, Screenwriter, and Filmmaker

‘This is an outstanding, motivational, intensive masterclass that I would recommend to all filmmakers’
Ed Sebastian – Writer

‘It promised a huge shot in the arm and delivered on every level! Where were you?!’
Mark Hampton – Actor, Writer, Director

‘I am going home to write my career plan, something that I have never done. Realising I have more skills than I thought!’
Amy Livingstone – Writer

‘Amazing all round! I met loads of new contacts and have some more films coming up as a result!!’
Holly Jacobson – Director, Producer, Actor

‘I stood on stage with an arrow in my hand and I chose to trust Chris – and learned that if I act like a crazy person, other crazy people will follow!’
Ben Jacobson – Filmmaker

‘This course is essential for anyone who is serious about making films’
Kaley Jacobson – Filmmaker

‘An awesome, inspiring weekend filled with positive energy emanating from amazing people who just want to tell stories’
Dana Pierre – Screenwriter, Filmmaker

‘Chris is fabulous, he knows his stuff and his experience just shone through all the time. Worth every penny’.
Cassandra Adeneye – Filmmaker

‘Chris Jones’ energy was off the hook! Contagious and inspiring! Because of this workshop, I am now empowered to do my first documentary in Nigeria’
Lola Leigh – Producer

‘This weekend has reminded me and reconnected me with why I make films (which I didn’t realize I needed!)’
Dez Gray – Filmmaker, Director

‘No one can fail to be inspired by the energy generated over this weekend! Boom!’
Q-Ell Betton – Filmmaker

‘Out of this weekend, I am now helping shoot a film on Monday when I was planning to go shopping for clothes before my flight home’
Alison Hogge – Writer

‘After two days of intense information and film talk my brain and body feel like jelly, I am absolutely knackered and I love it! I cannot wait for tomorrow and the continuation of the journey’
Adam Spring – Filmmaker

‘Filmmaking is ultimately a collaboration of people, and events like GFMM are so good because they bring these like-minded people together and inspire them to be AWESOME!’
David Jacobson – Writer, Director

‘I have reconnected with the child inside that wanted to be He-Man. I HAVE THE POWER!’
Mike Jelves – Filmmaker

‘Guerilla Masterclass isn’t just filmmaking training, it’s a movement. If you’ve got courage, passion, and commitment, you can be a part of it’
KT Parker – Writer

‘It’s lit a fire under my arse to go ahead and make my first dramatic short’
Alasdair Connell – Filmmaker, Critic

‘Gonna get shit done! Got the week of work next week and it’s gonna be nothing but creativity’
James Raynor – Filmmaker

‘This was something I came to with no expectations and left feeling inspired – everyone should experience this course!’
Roberta Mitchell – Picture Editor, Researcher, Negotiator

‘I wish I’d attended this event 15 years ago; I think I could have saved myself many many years of frustration and anguish. Better late than never!’
Nish Udhian – Filmmaker, Writer, Director

‘Come prepared to fully engage and you will be highly rewarded!’
Jo Fox

‘Amazing two days, amazing knowledge, amazing networking opportunity, amazing step to get your films made’
Nick Harvey – Producer

‘I’m going to make a film!’
Clare Walter – Filmmaker

‘The contacts I have made will have my short film shot and in the can this year’
David Henry Fussell – Filmmaker

‘This event was inspiring for me as an aspiring young (14 yrs old) filmmaker. I now think that my films might get somewhere other than 3 views on YouTube!’
Spencer Fox – Filmmaker, Writer, Actor, Director

‘Immersion in filmmaking with peers has been invaluable at a time where I was doubting I could reignite my passion for my script. I really feel I’m back on track AND I’ve found another project I’m interested in’
Susannah Kudrath – Producer, Stills Photographer

‘This weekend has inspired me to move from Holland to London to find my new ‘peers circle’
Karine Pacaud – 3D Motion Graphics

London 2014 Delegate Feedback

Asked if the masterclass was value for money, 100% of delegates responded YES!

‘Thank you so much for kickstarting my passion for filmmaking again’
Nicola Hague, 10 Stars!!!

‘I loved everything, it was so positive and rewarding while also brutally honest’
Dianne Thomas, Filmmaker

‘I came here starry-eyed; now I have the blueprint for the rocket!’
Nicholas Vince, Actor, Screenwriter & Director

‘I really enjoyed the networking and meeting other filmmakers’
Karen Cripps, Filmmaker

‘It increased my knowledge tenfold – informative, honest and interesting, covering pretty much every aspect of the business’
Courtney Radcliffe, Production Assistant, and Screenwriter

‘The five stage career plan is golden!’
Phil Sanders, Filmmaker

‘This workshop is for people who are ready to look at themselves, their fears and their dreams – it’s to turn procrastinators into do-ers’
Romain Kedochim, Director of Photography

‘The knowledge and insight Chris has is invaluable to an independent filmmaker looking to further their career’
Mark Kelly, Filmmaker

‘This is the first time I’ve been shown how the industry works for low budget filmmakers in detail and helped me identify where I am and where I’m going’
Jon Price, Writer & filmmaker

‘If you have always dreamed of putting your magnum opus on the big screen, the Guerilla Filmmakers Masterclass offers us little guys the knowledge and mind set to do it!’
James Evans, Independent Filmmaker

‘I have thrown away every excuse holding me back thanks to Chris and while I’m more aware of the issues, I feel 100% ready to go!’
Amy Kingsley-Hughes, Actor

‘I got in touch with my inner creative child again’
Maria Eckhardt, Filmmaker

‘The masterclass has given me a rounded insight of independent filmmaking. I now understand where I should focus and what personal talents/skills I can use to push my career forward’
Danielle Baileigh, Writer & Visual Artist

‘I now have the confidence to move on from my internal monologue and actually get on and start doing a project’
Sarah C Richards, Filmmaker

‘Very good atmosphere, location, and content as well as a good motivation boost. I recommend this workshop to anyone!’
Mederick Padaud, Filmmaker

‘Keep a positive attitude, don’t let ‘your story’ hold you back and remember, “No” doesn’t mean “never”.
Reaghan Reilly, Actor & Producer

‘I learnt a hell of a lot and it’s given me the inspiration to stop postponing and get out there and do it’
Eddie Sebastian, Screenwriter

London 2014 Social Media Feedback

‘Just wanted to say the workshop was stupendous! Brilliant, inspiring and packed with amazing info’

‘Thanks to @livingspiritpix for an absolutely fabulous weekend. Tired, but inspired. I am committed!’

‘A brilliant information dump – and very generous of you not to keep the secrets all to yourself!’

‘To inspire others to be creative is a true gift. Starting this week with a new energy and positivity! Thank you for a fantastic weekend.’

‘Thx for amazing weekend! Do feel like different person. Trouble going to sleep from all the new ideas. Wonderful!’

‘What an amazing two days! You were right @livingspiritpix I am tired but inspired!’

‘It was a life changing experience! Feeling so amazing after the end of #Gfilm – Thank you to the amazing people who made it so incredible! @livingspiritpix you are a guru!’

‘thank you for remind me why I started this marathon and to make me want to be that kid again’

#GFilm and #LSF is church for me. Thanks, @livingspiritpix and all the team’

‘Did Guerilla film course at the weekend. @livingspiritpix was on fire! It was awesome. Now I’m exhausted!!!’

‘What an amazing weekend at #gfilm Masterclass. Learnt loads, and met some lovely people. Thanks Chris @livingspiritpix Feeling inspired’

‘Informative.. #educational Life changing… Wow Thanks Chris!’

‘Thanks @livingspiritpix for a great weekend at #Gfilm – loved your explanation of the difference bw being attached and being committed!’

‘Thank you @livingspiritpix for the epic weekend!’

‘Dictionary description “Flabbergasted: to surprise (someone) greatly; astonish”- or in other words take the Guerilla Filmmakers Masterclass! It’s been a fantastic weekend, made so many new friends and I recommend it to anyone who may be crazy enough to want to make that dream of theirs real.’
Ambee Sembhi

‘All the other delegates I met, without exception agreed it was really good and we all took away some tangible actions and committed to stay in touch’
John Suriano

‘Masterful, Chris. Thank you.’
Michael Young

Isle of Man 2013

‘Within the first hour of the two day workshop, Chris encouraged everyone to basically hold a mirror up to ourselves, challenging everyone within the class to look at their individual motives for getting involved within the Film Industry. In many ways this process acted as a personal deconstruction of every individual within the room, which over the next two days, meant that Chris could refocus us all from our foundations. Nothing was on a superficial level. Chris went deep. As we all applauded Chris at the conclusion of the workshop, I felt not only refreshed, but creatively refocussed. It was as if Chris had realigned my creative spine. Providing a new strength, drive and vision.’
Emily Cook, Filmmaker
Reel Vision IOM

‘I am happy to say that finally I have completed my first feature film just over 18 months after attending your Guerilla Filmmaking Masterclass- which inspired me to get back onto the filmmaking horse and attempt to make a feature film. Thank you very much for the motivaion and inspiration’
Giada Dobrzenska
Little Wonder Productions

A group of people sitting in a lecture hall transformed into a GuerillaFilm setting.

London 2013 Feedback

‘This course has more useful information than the internet on crack!’
Robert Emmanuel, Writer & Director

‘Brilliant, awesome, just an inspiring weekend that has given me the confidence to finish my first feature film! Thanks Chris’
Bryony Disbury, @brytinndisbury

‘This is not about the film industry, this IS the film industry. Be part of it!’
Tom Kerevan, Writer & Producer, @tomkerevan

‘I learnt more in 2 days than in 2 years worth of Media Studies!’
Stephen Pelly, Writer

‘I came for inspiration and I got it. I’ll see you in Cannes 2014 with my Stage 3 short!’
Mark Hampton, Actor & Filmmaker, @hammyactor

‘I came for inspiration and I got it. I’ll see you in Cannes 2014 with my Stage 3 short!’
Mark Hampton, Actor & Filmmaker, @hammyactor

‘It put me on track. I feel inspired, focused and not alone in my goal’
Guy Lambert, Writer & Producer, @sohoguy

‘The film world can seem impenetrable, Chris cuts through the BS and gives you the tools to turn the dream into reality’
Robert Hull, Filmmaker

‘The best thing about Chris is that he believes in us even if we doubt ourselves. So we can revisit our craft with a fresh perspective and renewed vigour’
Ike Khan, Writer & Filmmaker,

‘I now know how the film business works. Amazing and unbelievable value!’
Martin Marine, Writer

‘A real world motivational kick up the backside. Real world advice based on actual experience. Fantastic!’
Jason Axtell, Aspiring Filmmaker, @jase_axtell

‘A non patronizing, wide ranging, honest and frank coverage of the whole film making process. Any future film work I do will be based on foundations laid over the course of this masterclass’.
Alasdair Stewart, Writer

‘If you need your ass kicked to no longer just think about creating your own films but actually start making them, this is the course to do it’
Jennifer Karen, Actor & Filmmaker,

‘This course is as essential for writers and script consultants/editors as it is for filmmaking crew. A great, well-rounded summary of what’s REALLY involved in the filmmaking industry’
Michelle Goode, Writer & Script Consultant/Editor, @sofluid

A great place to meet people and network. Give your time to others projects and they will give their time to you’
Lance Nielsen, Director,

‘I am totally inspired to make 2 shorts I have been thinking about and go for a feature after that’
Daniel Higley, Filmmaker, @daggley

‘The only film course any aspiring filmmaker needs to do. It’s certainly not for the faint hearted, so enter if you dare!!’
Donna Chappell, Writer

‘The weekend has helped me make decisions and refine my project goals, to realize where I am at’
Billie-Jean Chappell, Writer

‘I’ve been living in a day dream and now I’m going to spend my days living!’
Mary Stone, Filmmaker, @marystone79

‘I’ve just had 2 brilliant days sitting in a room of passionate filmmakers, actors, directors, producers & writers bursting with enthusiasm and eager to share knowledge..amazing!’
Jase Axtell, Filmmaker

‘Chris’ positivity and energy is outstanding. It’s an inspiring, refreshing, exhilarating week-end that rekindled the original spark and reminded me that all the sacrifices I made to become a filmmaker were worth it because indeed I never feel more alive than on a film set’
Stephanie Joalland, writer/director/producer at

‘I spent 18 months planning and shooting my film, got home with it done. Then I froze and stared at my laptop – nothing! This Masterclass has given me the kick I need to start the next phase. Thank God for Chris’
Jane McGrath, Filmmaker, @janemcgrath

‘The course scared me out of my wits – but in a good way. Now I not only know what demons lie on the path ahead, but also how to fight them!’
Stephen Coltrane, Producer, Editor & Writer, @sjcoltrane

2013 Twitter Feedback

Wow. Just wow. Bravo @livingspiritpix!

Such a fun filled weekend of adventure – met so many inspiring people – thanx @livingspiritpix for your genius! It was EMOTIONAL!

What an inspiring weekend! My brain is buzzing. Thanks Chris @livingspiritpix for sharing your knowledge and energy.

Thanks so much @livingspiritpix for a fantastic and invaluable film masterclass this weekend! I totally recommend it to every filmmaker!

Thnx to @livingspiritpix for having me speak this morn. Thnx 4 all the kind comments from attendees. Live the dream and conquer.

Thanks for the support, Chris, and for the Masterclass! Terrific weekend with an amazing community of people.

What a great morning. Loads of advice, so inspiring!

Thank you very much Chris! It’s been a great few days and you’re a great inspiration!

Woke up buzzing with inspiration after 2 days on Chris Jones’s superb course 

What a wonderful weekend #Gfilm was – inspiring, educational and downright truthful look at filmmaking.

Storiefied Tweet stream from #Gfilm from @Sofluid here – awesome

Facebook Comments GFilm 2013

So after two tiring but inspiring days I went home to bed and… couldn’t sleep at all – totally buzzing!
Mark Hampton

This weekend has easily been one of the best things I’ve ever done. Thank you Chris and everyone involved. It was amazing.
David Buick

Thanks for the one of most amazing inspiring weekends! I’ve been buzzing all day :0) Can’t recommend your course enough! Brilliant!
Louise McConnell

Amazing weekend. Adrenalin inspiration and icy reality checks. Well done Chris

London 2012 Delegate Feedback

‘Delivered in short bursts of rocket fuel for the soul’
Luke Campbell, Filmmaker

‘the masterclass has changed my life…thank you’
Karine Bedrossian, Filmmaker

‘More than a masterclass on filmmaking, it’s a masterclass on attitude, courage, vision – on living the dream’
Adelle Kirby, Screenwriter

‘Incredibly detailed yet concise’
Ben Carlson, Filmmaker

‘If you want an honest, no hold barred film making course, then this is it. Intensive 2 days of straight talking, no bullshit’
Dane Jones

‘Loved it all’
Tito Sacci, Director

‘I have 45 pages of notes, a sore hand and a billion brain cells firing on all cylinders…’
Patrick Nash, Writer, and Director

‘I have left with clarity on what I need to do next to drive my career, but more importantly, my inspiration, motivation and self belief tank is completely full. Bring on the next adventure!’
Natasha Gant, Filmmaker

‘The workshop has surpassed my expectations. Not only have I learned new information, but I’ve met some crazy filmmakers just like me’
Sonia Maffeis, Actor/Director/Writer

‘If you are even wondering about attending this, get on with and sign up!’
Will Hopkins, Filmmaker

‘It’s not just the information that makes this Masterclass so valuable, it’s the community that forms around you over the weekend that makes it NECESSARY! We found a first AD, got 60 new Twitter followers and even received more financing for our film over the weekend’
Justin Tagg, Writer / Director

Arash Khunshnazar, Filmmaker

‘Absolutely fantastic, so much information, passion and networking’
Diana Townsend, Writer/Producer

‘I loved the honest, philosophical and psychological aspect, making me question myself and career so that I now know what I really need to do next’
Jai Rajani, Writer/Director

‘I believe again’
Paul Sheeky, Writer/Director

‘Amazing, I can’t feel my brain’
Raj Pathak, Director/Producer

‘You can’t help but leave inspired. Great insights and so many like minded people’
Graham Curry, Production Manager

‘I wish I knew about this masterclass years ago, it would have stopped me dreaming and got me to start taking action’
Aidanna Kussainova, emerging filmmaker

‘After attending I have set a shooting date! Great energy, information, emotion and networking’
Dave Verheyen, Director and VFX Artist

‘I consider myself a professional film maker and I still got tons out of the masterclass. Highly recommended’
Marinella Setti, Filmmaker and writer

‘It was just perfect for me’
Neeta Kataria, Avid Editor/VFX

‘Screw film school. Come to the Masterclass then use your money to make your film’
David Smith, Filmmaker

‘I learnt so much my brain is about to explode! Met so many Directors, Producers, Writers, Actors.. such a wonderful tribe of creative people!’
Natalie Ames, Filmmaker

‘It has reminded me why I got into film making’
Matt Holt, Corporate Filmmaker

‘It scared the crap out of me because I now know I have to do this… AWESOME!!!’
Andy Nichols, VFX Artist

The view from one delegate one year on…

I’ve been following Chris Jones ever since the original Guerrilla Film-maker books. Last year I risked potential divorce by attending his June master-class during my wedding Anniversary. Now one year on, I have a number of film projects on the go. What did the course do for me personally?

  1. The single most important aspect was that it introduced me to a network of like-minded people. I went up there literally knowing nobody. Being completely out of my comfort zone forced me to throw myself into the deep end. Amongst others, I met the producer on my last project and the script-writer and DOP for our follow-up. What is great is that I am still meeting more and more amazing #Gfilm folk, many from subsequent master-classes, some of which I’m collaborating with on their projects.

  2. There are talkers and doers. This gave me the kick up the backside I needed to become a “doer”. It inspired me to make it happen. It taught me that I have the power to make it happen. It taught me there will be some (possibly many) bumps along the way. But what a journey it will be! Who could have known that within a year of taking the masterclass we’d be short-listed and watching our latest production on the big screen with a packed audience at BAFTA?

  3. The master class trained me to keep up good online practices such as creating a web presence, social networking, and regular blog writing ( It also provided a wealth of invaluable first-hand knowledge by people who have gone through the cycle (usually the hard way). There is no sugar coating, it’s refreshingly honest and quite often downright brutal! My brain was almost fried with information overload by the end of the two-day course.

  4. I now have a clear idea of where I sit in terms of the film-making spectrum, what level I am at, where I should be pitching to go next. I’m not going to pretend I am there yet, I’m clearly not. But it has pushed me to be brutally honest with myself and assess my strengths, weaknesses, and the direction I want to head. Every day I feel I am getting closer to where I’d like to be, this thought is very exciting.

    And I’m still married!

    Andy Carslaw, Filmmaker

2011 Delegate Feedback

It’s official. We have finally analyzed the feedback from The Guerilla Film Makers Masterclass 2011 and of the 210 filmmakers who filled out their feedback forms, we scored a whopping 94% average delegate score. HOW AMAZING IS THAT!

A star rating with the words 94% average GuerillaFilm feedback.

‘The insight and case studies saved me three years of film school. Brilliant.’
Rob Kluger- Film Maker, inc. writer & director

‘DO IT. If you are serious about film-making, do this course. I’ve had my guts ripped out by past horror experiences in film-making. These two days have put me back together!’
Andy Wright- Writer/Director

‘I cannot think of anything that gives anyone making films better return on £60. This is tremendous value.’
Mike Facherty

‘You’ve given me a pair of career spectacles, no more cursing or despondency in a haze of frustrated apathy. Thank you!’
Grant Atkins- Filmmaker

‘when I either get that OSCAR or (second) BAFTA nomination or get a film made on the basis of my script that takes $100m at the box office, I’m going to mention you BIG TIME – in fact: I’ll mention you from now, because it has been one of the very best ‘how to’ courses I have ever attended – and this includes the likes of McKee, Truby, Krevolin, Seger, Aronson et al.’
Laurence Gouldbourne- Writer

‘Nevermind film school, this is a one year course in two days. Amazing.’
Shai Hussain- Writer

‘Of all the courses I’ve attended, books I’ve read or studies I’ve done, this course is the first time I felt I could actually make a film and build a career.’
Jéanine Palmer- Director

‘An event like this makes you realise you’re not on your own. There’s a lot of people out there who you can partner with and all the stories make you realise it can be done!’
Robert Grant- Writer/Director

‘Engaging, Informative, Energising, Inspiring, Enabling, Challenging, Illuminating, Eye-opening, Jaw-dropping, Gob-smacking, Myth-busting, AWESOME weekend!’
Steve Bookbinder- Writer/Director

‘As a screenwriter it has made me more aware of the film making process which will alter some aspects of my writing.’
Jan Freeman- Screenwriter

‘This class has convinced me to never get a day job again, because from now on I’m only going to make films.’
Shami Dirani- Writer

‘Wow! What an amazing weekend. I feel like you’ve bludgeoned me to death with information but I want to thank you for it! It was inspiring, fun and useful beyond words…and when I’m doing my Oscars speech I’ll be sure to mention you.’
Diana Rampton – Writer / Producer

‘I’m going home to plan a documentary that I didn’t know I wanted to make yesterday morning.’
Tom Hallett- Writer

‘I came from Spain just to attend the masterclass and I can say every minute was worth it.’
Ana Carolina Almeida- Film Student

‘The Masterclass is aimed at directors and producers but it should be mandatory for writers too. Probably the most useful single masterclass I have ever been on.’
Dominic Wells- Screenwriter and Film Journalist

‘Information Overload has never felt better! I’ve met so many wonderful and inspiring people that I’ve no excuses not to get on with it and make something amazing.’
Emily Cullen- Writer/Director

‘The inspiration not given by film schools.’
Felix Harber- Writer/Director

‘This workshop gave me clarity of where I am and where I want to go in the industry. I left inspired and couldn’t wait to get started on my journey.’
Elizabeth Caproni- Actress, Writer, Filmmaker

‘Extraordinary things happen to those ordinary people who open their eyes to the opportunities around them and seize them. DO THIS WORKSHOP!’
Saxon Yuen- Documentary and Commercial Filmmaker

‘Fantastic! The independent film industry in the UK has a human side after all. A mentor to many. Thanks Chris.’
Andy Pollard- Filmmaker

‘I highly recommend the course for any filmmaker, or any one in and around the filmmaking community who has ambitions to succeed with their own film making project.’
Ian Tatham- Filmmaker/Director

‘the masterclass 2011 has opened the door to the next stage of my film making destiny.’
Tim Child- Filmmaker and Writer

‘Very inspiring. Reminded me why I want to make films and that it’s something I need to work on every day.’
Sam Jeffreys- Filmmaker

‘The masterclass exceeded my expectations. So densely packed with tips, guidance, honest reflection and fascinating analysis of what happens from script to screen. Such a creative, useful and exciting weekend.’
Wanda Opalniska- Actress/Writer

‘Incredible weekend, invaluable information from Chris, excellent networking opportunities, will definitely be coming back next year!’
Jack Judd- Writer, Director, Editor

‘Inspiration to carry on! I now realise that I am crossing from Stage 1 to Stage 2 and that the last year or so have actually been worth something.’
Mark Fry- VFX Artist/Filmmaker

‘Chris is a strong motivational speaker and delivers a solid foundation on the journey of the filmmaker.’
Al Carretta- Writer/Director/Actor/Producer

‘If you take your work seriously, go.’
Emer Gillespie- Writer

‘Chris Jones’ 5 stage career plan ought to be an industry standard…From beginning to end that Masterclass was beyond comparison superb, and for anyone who understands and accepts the Producer’s p.o.v… it was even better!’
Oliver Williams- Writer/Director/Producer/Actor/Marketer

‘Aside from the incredible detailed knowledge I learned on all aspects of film making during the Masterclass, I think what really made it for me was your generous spirit and that has given me back faith’
Sonia Makkar – Writer and Producer

2011 Twitter Feedback

It’s entirely possible that the £60 I spent on this weekend’s #GFilm Masterclass was the best use of money ever! 2 & 1/2 days of brilliance!

I feel like I’ve been shot with epiphany bullets. And it feels good, thoroughly recommend to any filmmaker

I don’t know if my brain can handle any more thinking after the intensive #GFilm Masterclass but it won’t stop.

Thank you one and all! A real life changer

Desperately craving sleep but my brain won’t shut down. I blame @livingspiritpix and the #GFilm Masterclass. Truly inspirational.

Just realised that not only don’t I know the football or cricket scores, but after this weekend, I also don’t care!

Such a productive weekend – fascinating step by step analysis of how to take film from script to screen.

Wow! What an amazing weekend! I am buzzing and can’t wait to get filming! #GFilm

Quote of the day for me at #GFilm ‘It will all be ok in the end and if its not ok, its not the end’

Feel like I’ve done 10 rounds with Tyson, but masterclass was AWESOME!

Chris, you’ve inspired a community! Thank you & sleep for 3 days!

Chris Jones has the balance just right between terrifying and inspiring budding feature filmmakers! Thanks for the inspiration Chris!

Well done! Without yr contagious +ve energy.humour we’d have wilted much sooner under the volume of material. Thx 🙂 #GFilm

I tried to convey some of the stuff to my wife and her brain frazzled in 5mins!

Back in Derby after an incredible weekend at Guerilla Filmmakers Masterclass. Inspired, reinvigorated & ready to take on the world!

How do you go back to your day job after such an amazing weekend? You call in sick and work on your script instead

Just had a great time at the Guerilla Masterclass. Chris Jones is an inspirational speaker, with ridiculous energy. Good stuff!

Thanks so much for such a great weekend. Just crammed with great advice, analysis & inspiration

Just finished Chris Jones’ three week masterclass. Oh wait, it was two days! Wonderfully exhausted and exhilarated

And the blog post links…

So what did I get out of last weekend?

Blogging ~ The Guerilla Film Masterclass #GFilm

NEW blogpost about my #gfilm weekender up at

Guerilla Film Makers Workshop UK 2010 Feedback

‘The workshop silenced the voice in my head saying ‘you probably can’t do this…’’
Christine Cox, Producer / Writer

‘I realised after listening to Chris that my film was not only feasible, but simply had to me made’
Richard Burton, Filmmaker, and writer

‘The workshop has demystified the guerrilla film making process and has showed me that this is something I can do, AND SHOULD DO! Packed full of tips and useful advice, it’s given me a real boost and the impetus to get going. I left itching to get out there and start filming’
Ross McMinn

‘Seeing the whole process from conception to selling has been hugely empowering’
Rod Duncan, Writer, Film Maker

‘Real world. Real info. It has given me the kick up the arse I needed’
Carl Wade, Filmmaker

‘A fantastic way to spend a weekend! Fantastic tutor, attendees and information and everything micro budget’
Christine Cox, Producer / Writer

‘Inspiring and food for thought. It is a rollercoaster… and for two days, it cannot be beat. It inspired us all to make ‘story’ and film richer by lending OUR voices to the growing community for micro budget films’
Martin Quin, Writer

‘It has given me the push I needed to get my script out there. I now believe in myself and know that if I work hard, I can do this…’
Rucksana Bhatti, Writer

‘Great weekend and I would do it again!’
Adam Mann, Film Maker

London 2010 Feedback

‘It’s been emotional!!! This course has given me the knowledge and motivation to now believe that anything is possible. Thanks Chris, you have been inspirational!’
Donna, Filmmaker, Hertfordshire

‘A really good insight into the business part of the process…’
Mario, Writer / Director, Portugal

‘A really informative course with great presentation and easy access, offering more tailored information when needed’
Derwent, Technical Artist / Film Maker

‘So much information and insight delivered with real humanity, integrity and humour…’
Tanya, Film Maker, Devon

‘Why are there not more courses like this one! More info on 2 days than all I have ever learned put together! The decisive moment for me was when I saw where two paths converged and I made the choice to go down the path less travelled!’
Tuki, Film maker, Uganda

‘If you want to make a low budget film in the UK and you need a role model, Chris is the guy!’
Billie-Jean, Film Maker

Feedback From Australia 2009

‘It was truly an empowering experience and one that I know Jason, Greg and myself absolutely needed. In fact it was precisely what we needed. Chris was unquestionably the most honest, candid, and generous film maker I have had the pleasure to meet. He met each day with extraordinary energy and crammed those days not merely with information, but with affirmation and ultimately inspiration. He treated every participant with such wonderful respect and patience regardless of experience, and offered to us not only tools and ideas but himself. To be honest, I learned more in those two days than I have in years of filmmaking, not just about the craft, but about myself. If I was weary, frustrated and uncertain of my standing in a filmic world when I arrived, I have departed, energised, focused and tremendously excited about taking our work to the next phase. In short- a life changing experience.’
Shane Emmett, Film Maker, QLD, Australia

‘After producing a string of award-winning short-films and doco’s, and frustrated at not being able to move to the next stage with our concepts, we were feeling spent and disillusioned. Then we met Chris Jones’ at his Guerrilla Filmmakers workshop in Gympie, Australia. Wow, man he put the steel back into our rod. The passion is back…we are on the road again…watch out world…here we come’
Greg Hall, Producer – The Treehive, Australia

‘I just wanted to say thank you so much for coming all the way to Australia to do the Guerilla Masterclass! Even though there were almost 30 other people in the room, it felt like everything you were saying was directed right at me – it was everything I needed to hear and learn.’
Candice Deere, Writer/Producer from Maryborough, Australia

Feedback From London 2008

‘I can most definitely confirm that my life changed over the weekend, apart from not being able to sleep on Sunday evening until 3am, and Monday being a continual buzz of energy and excitement!!! I know I have stepped into a new phase of my life, been on the edge of it for too long… You can rest assured you not only have a talent for story telling, and making great movies but also changing people’s lives. That’s a gift! It was both inspiring and intensive – it’s film school in a weekend! It’s amazing what you can learn in a short amount of time… It made me look at life through the camera lens, you are totally exposed and suddenly everything makes sense…’
Heather Freedland, Film Maker and Marketing Expert

‘Thank you for the weekend. Seriously. I learned more useful, practical and inspiring tips and advice in the two days than I had in four years at university on a film course. I came away fired up for the challenge ahead of me and motivated to tackle it. Feel the fear and do it anyway. It looks set to be a busy and exciting couple of months and beyond. Thanks again for giving me the additional shove I needed to get out there and seize every possible opportunity…’
Helen MacIntyre, Writer Director

‘You displayed a great mix of “shoot for the stars” inspiration / optimism / enthusiasm, with a “been in the trenches and paid your dues” grounded, reality check. I really respected you for that…’
Alan Brash – Screenwriter

‘If you want to learn in a weekend what you would learn in a year at film school – go on this guy’s course. 2 intense days of useful tips, stories and tehniques. Chris has been there, done it, bought (and lost) the T-shirt. Listen & learn from his experiences- they will save you time and money’
Adrian Bracken – Producer, Marbella Spain

Feedback From Canada 2008

Incredibly inspiring on both a film making and personal level…’
Diane Fraser, Editor

‘The past two days have filled me with excitement and enthusiasm that I only felt prior to my three years at film school…’
Josh Rainhard, Director

‘I am blown away at how much incredible info Chris taught me in two days…’
Taroh Hall, Film Maker

‘You are one of the greatest motivational speakers! I am going to start work on my film tonight!’
George Somerwill, Film Maker

‘Your honest, vulnerable energy, combined with clarity and fun made this seminar a powerful tool for transformation in my perception of who I am as a film maker, and for that I send you my heartfelt thanks… Who you are in your books and films, opened the door to seeing who I could… This is new. This works. This is a rare gift. Thank you Chris!’
Kathy Fedori, Film Maker

Past Feedback

‘I had a tremendous feeling from the course that ‘I can do this!’ When Chris told me that in four weeks I could be making a film I thought ‘wow, yeah, why not’. He cleared the mist from my naive eyes. From a complete stand still to organising a 10-minute film (in three months) involving 55 people, The Guerilla Film Makers Masterclass was a major inspiration and helped me over numerous creative and technical hurdles. Since then I’ve written and shot another short and also helped out on a full-length feature film in Leeds. Both my shorts received several awards. I’ve almost completed writing my second feature film script. And now I’m taking a promo film of my new script and the two shorts to Cannes this year…’
Ro Goodwin – Film Maker

“Well impressed, Chris Jones gets the top banana award for inspiration, education and provocation. His course The Guerilla Film Makers Advanced Masterclass illuminates a road that few have ever successfully travelled. He maps out the terrain with the skills of a battle hardened SAS pathfinder and is your survival guide in the feature film production jungle. Hunt him down and get equipped before you start your campaign and you might just make it. Chris directs his audience through the minefield of independent film making with confidence and clarity. His own experience as a 3 time feature film maker and writer of “The Guerilla Film Makers Handbook” allows him to deliver his hard won insights with more conviction and pragmatism than just about any other independent filmmaker in Britain today. His perspective and depth of knowledge is unique and an invaluable resource for anyone wanting to follow in his footsteps on the path to full feature film production.”
Steve Wilson, CEO of Whistling Mule Productions

‘If I ever win an award for film making I will thank Chris Jones in my acceptance speech. Honestly!’
Philippa Heal – Film Maker

“Combines showing you the daunting scale of what you are undertaking with inspiring belief that you can do it.”
Simon Aldous-Screenwriter

“I feel I’ve now got the confidence and knowledge to make the jump from shorts to features. It’s so rare to have an opportunity to listen to someone who doesn’t treat me like an idiot. I’ve learnt so much – every minute was golden to me.”
Julie Randall – Film Maker

“I learned more about film-making in two days than I did in two years of academic study. If you only attend one course this year make it this.”
Jamal Mustafa

“Fantastic, distils years of hard learned information into specific warnings and ways to navigate the minefield you didn’t even know existed.”
Ben Rose-Director

“I have done several film courses in London and this is by far the best.”
Garret Smyth – Film Maker

‘I have delayed my trip back to Australia for this course, and it has been TOTALLY worth it! I will go home many times more motivated…!’
Derek Huckel – Film Maker and Actor

‘This is a ‘magic’ course which truly embraces and expresses the potential lives of British Indie Film makers. It is, itself, a journey.’
Rebecca Kibble – Film Maker

‘You will come out of the course wondering why you have not made a film yet!’
Rose Wicksteed – Film maker

‘Informative, instructive and stimulating’
Humphrey Truman – Theatre Producer and Director

‘Encouraging and inspiring. I want to make my movie NOW!!!’
Yolanda Nune – Composer and Director

‘Chris has broken down the remaining barriers that have kept the dream behind bars – I now feel free to make my movie’
Paul Skellett – Director and Editor

‘I have never spent two days listening to one guy talking before. Fascinating, enthralling and extremely informative’
Mike Knowles – Director

‘Chris’ openness and honesty in discussing his failure is profoundly motivational… This course provides the kick up the arse any would be film maker needs to get going.’
Oli Lewington – Film maker

“I’m lost for words! Completely blown away! I just want to go out and make a movie now!”
Carol Ugbechie-Director

“Great, fantastic, value for money.”
Barrington Robinson-Producer/Director

“Very good at taking the fear out of shooting on film-has given me a good idea of the whole process.”
Robin Morgan-Director

“I don’t think it’s possible to have been taught more about the fundamentals of filmmaking in the time given-a very good choice for any first-time/wannabe producer.”
Yasmin Samir-Producer

“Honest , warts n’all introduction.”
Andrew Welding-Producer

Tony Fitzmaurice-TV Producer

“I cannot emphasise enough how inspiring the course was. Do the course, then do your film.”
Jason Peck

“a full and honest account in great detail. Definitely worth the money and time.”
Ian Geddes

“Money well invested”
Stephen Sidhu

“I feel I’ve now got the confidence and knowledge to make the jump from shorts to features. It’s so rare to have an opportunity to listen to someone who doesn’t treat me like an idiot. I’ve learnt so much – every minute was golden to me.”
Julie Randall – Film Maker

“the opportunity to talk to people who have “been there” and “done that” was of inestimable value. A very worthwhile weekend”
Owen Carey Jones – Writer

“A good kick up the backside. Wonderful informal atmosphere”
John Langridge – Writer / Director

“The real world of the movie industry demystified”
Andrew Percival – Eskay Productions

“After watching Urban Ghost Story I feel lucky to be on this course. I can’t believe they’ll be running it much longer, the call from Hollywood is bound to be too great”
Bryan Romaine

“Fab, really useful, like the book but with bags more energy”
Charlotte Narramore

“The most informative, real worldly kick up the arse I’ve ever had. Give you the confidence you need to get going!”
Martin Riley – Director / Writer / Producer

“a must for anyone who is REALLY interested in making a low budget feature. Crammed with gems – an independent film makers treasure trove…”
Ben Morris – Writer / Director

“the course is funky, fun and brain frying! An excellent intro to the film business…”
Alison Reddihough – Actress / Producer / Writer

“Informative, inspiring and honesty – that’s the hype, and the reality is not far behind. I’m starting my feature tomorrow!”
Simon Corris Roberts – Director / Actor

“professional, succinct, entertaining and thoroughly enthralling. The course leaders were down to earth, completely accessible and their combined enthusiasm for film making was totally infectious…”
Mark Barrow – Producer

“an inspirational course that takes away the mystique of making a film. It’s a dream come true”
Stephanie Lunn – Director

“if you want to make a feature film and live anywhere near ‘reality’ then this is the best course of it’s kind. Tells you exactly what you need to know in two days. I’ve been to about 10 of these courses and nobody has matched your breadth of experience and knowledge. So thanks for a job well done ! Quite how you guys manage to speak for 10 hours straight is a mystery but there you go…”
Mike Mindell – Producer / Editor

“it’s like being crushed into a cannon ball, lit and fired out. An excellent course that gives it to you real and inspires you to just do it”.
Cath Le Couteur – Producer

“There are few people I could sit for nearly nine hours listening to, without being bored – Chris Jones is one of them! An entertaining, interesting extremely useful course for anyone wanting to make a film.”
Diana Larsen

“Bubbling with a sense of “Can do, try and stop me!” Delivered with wit, disarming honesty and fostering a real sense of camaraderie between the participants. A bargain.”
Jim Coogan

“brilliant, insightful and thorough!”
Michael Franklin

“tells you what you really need to know, more down to earth than most courses”
Michael Anderson – Producer Director

“arms you to go to war in the film making business”
Rebekah John – Writer Director

“a course run by real film makers with their feet on the ground and with genuine experiences to draw from…”
Niko Brucher Von-Glasow – Producer

“Approachable, uninhibited, open-hearted, supportive, a REAL world of film making that makes you wish and desire to go out and do it right here, Right now – I want to do the course all over again!.”
Etienne Dutoy – Producer/Writer