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Guerilla Film Makers Masterclass Schedule

Day 1, TBC

Kick off 9.00am sharp, get there for 8.30am for registration

The BIG question… Why do you want to do this?
In order to frame the workshop for you, we ask a simple question, WHY? For many delegates, the answer is different to their preconception, and that moment of realization creates a whole new and INCREDIBLE POSSIBILITY!

They Did It!
We show you how we went from big ideas and no money, to a micro budget thriller, awards, cinema release, and agent courting, leading all the way to Hollywood and multi-million dollar deal movies.

The Career Model
A framework to help YOU better understand where you are in your career so you can make informed choices instead of relying on outdated film makers myths. .

The Tools For Success
We look at the different tools you can use in your every day career that will impact immediately on your ability to move forward quickly and professionally.

What Do You Want To Make?
Explore your reasons and ambition for making a film as this will define the all important question of, What Should I Make? Genre driven commercial product or Miramax attracting calling card?

HD – What does that really mean?
There is a great deal of confusion about HD and how it can impact on production, post production, and sales. We explain what it will mean to shoot HD and what formats are better.

If It Aint On The Page
The screenplay is the foundation of any good movie. We show you the tools you need to write a movie and explore the techniques employed by top screenwriters to tighten drama and action.

Counting Your Pennies
So where does the money come from? We explore the different avenues, from industry cash to soft cash, and why you should NEVER mortgage your parents home. Case studies illuminate the advantages and disadvantages of several different approaches.

How Much?
We show you just how little money you actually need to make a film, and show you where to spend every penny. Includes budget templates and contracts.

Legal Mechanisms
Setting up the entity through which your movie is created is simple yet essential. We navigate the waters of incorporation, partnerships and VAT. How to get free advice from lawyers and accountants.

The right cast is vital. How to get the right actors for your movie, how to deal with agents and how to get your script to that Hollywood superstar.

Here We Go
You’re all ready to go – or are you? Pre production is the blue print of your movie. Skip this stage and your shoot could turn into a nightmare. We explain the principles and distil the process to it’s essentials.

…And You’re Away
You are there – the first day of principle photography. But staying there with a minimum of headache is the key. We show you how to run your shoot smoothly and deal with common problems such as cast, catering and crew.

And All The Rest
There’s much more to a good movie than script and cast. We look at all the other departments, production design, stills, sets, costumes, makeup, effects, stunts and explore the debate of how important production value can be.

Production Management
Managing the project is essential and often a great way to save enormous amounts of money. We show you just what kinds of deals you can get and the best way to stretch your pound.

Put The Camera Over There
Directing a low budget film can be more of an exercise than a creative experience. With tips and tricks, we show you how to get the very best coverage from your limited resources.

The Camera
Most producers become mystified by the art of lighting, lenses and other camera issues. We lift this thin veil to show you exactly how the camera works, from depth of field and exposure to the trade off between zooms and dolly shots

Always neglected, sound is a crucial element to the success of any film. We show you how to get the best on set sound, then fix your problems in post and add a soundtrack worthy of a $40m Hollywood epic.

UPDATED: Day 1 wrap around 7.00pm

Day 2 kick off 9.30am, with networking breakfast at 8.30am

We’ll Fix It In The Post
Post Production is the least understood and most costly area of film making. Yet it needn’t be. With a little planning and understanding of basic concepts, post production can be an enjoyable ride.

Now We Need To Sell It?
Sales agents and distribution are the second important stage of the film making process. We explain how this works, what realistic timescales and targets should be set and how to get the most out of what you have.

Film Festivals
International festivals are a great way to jet set across the globe on other peoples accounts. They are also amazingly good platforms from which to launch your movie and career, as well as collect awards.


Films are traded at large international markets in both Europe and the States. We tell you where and when the markets take place, how they work, how to get to them and what you can expect from the experience of attending.

Life Blood
The press are the life blood of any films exposure. We show you how to manipulate the press, collate press packs and control the timing in order to maximise your movie’s potential.

It’s Been A Long Time
It may have been a long time since you began your movie, yet now is the crucial moment. You must be sure of what you made, why you made it and be able to put it in a pigeon hole for both industry & consumer viewing.

The Sky Is The Limit
You’ve done it and it’s a success. Agents are ringing, Hollywood is knocking on your door. This is a bewildering and dangerous stage where choice can destroy or define a career. We speak from experience about just what could happen and how to deal with

Day 2 wrap at 6.00pm ish ;)